Light + Shine Gifting Studio


I'm Cindy, the founder of Light + Shine. We started out in 2016 making custom mugs and apparel for gifting and we expanded to curated gift boxes at the beginning of 2020, a month after our province went into lockdown for the first time. In a time of uncertainty, one thing was clear, our customers wanted a way to show love to their friends and family and at the same time, support small businesses.

That is how Light & Shine Gifts was born. We are a boutique gifting studio that specializes in curated and custom gift boxes that tell a story through carefully selected products and personalized products. As lovers of elevated gifting, we source items that are beautiful and functional. Our gifts are packaged to perfection and accompanied by a hand-written note. Each and every box that leaves our studio is a gift full of love and one to be remembered.